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Purple Breeze Press

In 2020, my colleague Alice S. Horning had I just published Talking BackĀ Senior Scholars and Their Colleagues Deliberate the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies. We worked with leaders in the field of Writing Studies, and I had enjoyed the editing more than words could tell.

Over the next two years as I continued to downshift towards retirement, I began to upshift towards a new road. I had always wondered what my life would have been like had I pursued a career in publishing instead of one in the academy. I had always thought of myself as a writer and editor, but I wondered if I could have been successful in publishing.

By May 2022, I formed a team and co-founded Purple Breeze Press. Our micropress was dedicated to reminiscence and creative writing.

Frances Ward serves as founder and president.

Meg Vezzu serves as our designer and editor.

And I work in acquisition and developmental editing.

By the summer of 2024, we had published seven books and had given contracts for seven more.

While still uncertain if I would have succeeded in a publishing career, I am certain that positive collaborations fulfill dreams.